Funeral Planning: Basic Steps to Follow

By: Anderson Funeral Home
Friday, September 9, 2016

Funeral Planning: Basic Steps to Follow

Funeral planning for your loved one does not need to be problematic or pricey. It is solely the family’s taste, beliefs and budget that should dictate your decisions in funeral planning. You should not feel obligated to do things a certain way.

Traditional is one way, but it is also okay to do anything your family desires, no matter what the traditions are. If your loved one has not completed funeral pre-arrangements in advance, then here are some steps to follow –

Make decisions with the whole family involved. It is your family’s personal beliefs and philosophy that needs to be discussed together. No religion, or belief system dictates how much money should be spent on a funeral. Simple or elaborate, that is a family decision. Simple could be cremation with no service, while elaborate could include much more like visitation and viewing times, a funeral service, burial ceremony, and a meal afterwards. It is totally up to you. The key factor is that it is meaningful to all family members.

What are the choices? If a traditional, typical funeral is what your family desires then the help and advice of a funeral director is invaluable. He or she will assist with preparations, casket purchase, funeral service, procession, and graveside service. However, you have the right to select from a variety of these services, based on what you want and what you can afford. You may have a private family-only get-together; or if your loved one was elderly you could consider a memorial service at the nursing home.

Take the time to make some phone calls and get accurate information. You can get accurate price quotes over the phone. Visit funeral homes you are interested in and request a General Price List (GPL); and then the whole family should gather together to make decisions. Touring each facility will give you a better idea of the services they provide.

Put together the plan in writing. As the family comes to decisions, make sure they are written down. Often in these sad times, our thinking isn’t totally clear, and our memories let us down. Having the funeral plan in writing avoids any misunderstandings later.

Funeral planning can be looked upon as an unpleasant task. Or, it can be looked upon as a family reunion time. Having the whole family together can be soothing in these times. Reminiscing and recalling memorable group activities, and events from the past, is good for the soul. Time with family can also be calming and comforting, and funeral planning done correctly allows time for the family to begin healing.

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