Our History

We stand behind our reputation and will continue to serve our community with the values instilled by our funeral directors. Anderson-Marry Funeral Home has locations in Adrian, Tecumseh, Blissfield, Hudson, Morenci, Michigan, and Fayette, Ohio,  serving families throughout Lenawee County and the Southeastern Michigan area. We help families enjoy the memories of yesterday, focus on the challenges of today as they deal with death, and look to the promise of tomorrow, and the healing that it brings. Our funeral homes in Michigan are designed for private gatherings to honor your loved ones. This is a time to cherish those relationships, comfort each other with the grief that comes with death, and plan for future family healing.


Michael L. Anderson learned early in life that his calling was to serve families at times of loss. Michael’s vision as a funeral director originated when he suffered loss as a child, worked with families grappling with death while working at Bixby Hospital as a young man and through work experience in funeral homes in some seven states, including a long period of time in Charleston, S.C. Once Michael decided to establish his own funeral home he sought the assistance of his family and friends. He was met with many obstacles as he returned to Adrian, where generations of families had used established funeral homes for years. Despite these obstacles Michael’s heart and determination would sustain him. 

Michael L. Anderson
Founder - Established 1988

On March 8, 1988, he built and opened his first funeral home; he soon expanded the entrance and front Chapel. Later, he created The Event Center and a large Chapel was added in 1997 bringing his original building from 4,000 sq. ft. to over 12,000 sq. ft.

Anderson Funeral Home original building, 1988

Expanded entrance to the Funeral Home 

Expanded Chapel and event center


In 2007 Michael Anderson built his second funeral home in Tecumseh, Michigan located on Short St. 


In 2013 Mike and Lenawee County, Blissfield resident Arin Rudd purchased a building in Blissfield and converted it to the Anderson-Rudd Funeral Home. This large, single-level facility provides an inviting, home like setting where members of a close-knit community can gather for uniquely personal funerals.

March 21, 2017

Now, Michael has chosen to engage the next phase of his life. Although he will remain active at the Anderson Funeral Home, he will be working under the direction of his former employee, colleague and friend Brian Marry. He decided to sell the funeral home to Brian for many reasons. He found Brian to possess his same dedication and passion for service to families in Lenawee County. Michael had firsthand knowledge of Brian’s skill and expertise. Michael was surrounded by his parents, family and friends as a funeral director. Brian Marry will be surrounded by his parents, family and friends likewise. Brian was the answer to a dilemma facing many funeral businesses today. Michael did not want to entrust his life- long dream to serve the funeral needs of the people of our community to a conglomerate with little to no relationship with our people. Brian Marry is the answer. Both men are first generation funeral directors with a passion for their work and the families they serve. This is a succession plan that is win/win…Both get what they want, need and desire. Brian Marry and his wife Elizabeth live in Lenawee County with their four children surrounded by helping family and friends. Elizabeth is an elementary teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Hudson, Michigan. He has lived in Lenawee County all of his life and he understands and personally knows many of the families he serves.