Gravestones Help Honor Your Loved One

Honoring loved ones with a gravestone often helps the family with the emotional coping that needs to occur after a death.

However, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. During that time, you can be assured that Anderson-Marry Funeral Homes, Anderson-Rudd Funeral Home, and Eagle-Marry Funeral Homes, can help you with common questions and cemetery requirements you should know about.

Things to consider with memorials and gravestones

When making your choices about a gravestone, memorial markers, memorial stones, or other items to recognize your loved one, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Most people are automatically concerned about the cost of such items. Anderson-Marry Funeral Homes,  Anderson-Rudd Funeral Home. and Eagle-Marry Funeral Homes,  has a wide selection available, starting at very affordable prices.

Everyone has their own preferences and personal choices about these matters. Basically the choices encompass the style, design, size, material, and finish of the monument or gravestone.

Some cemeteries have restrictions as to the size and material they will allow, so it’s good to know that in advance. The specialists at Anderson-Marry Funeral Home work with representatives from each of the local cemeteries, and can guide you with any necessary requirements.

Let Anderson-Marry Funeral Homes, Anderson-Rudd Funeral Home, and Eagle-Marry Funeral Homes, help you with affordable funeral caskets, gravestones, and more. If you’d like to learn more about our selection of funeral supplies, you can call us at 517-265-3312 in Adrian, Michigan, 517-424-1848 in Tecumseh, Michigan, 517-448-3481 in Hudson, Michigan, 517-458-2311 in Morenci, Michigan, (517) 486-4400 in Blissfield, Michigan, or 419-237-2564 in Fayette, Ohio.

Example of a Slant Marker

Example of a Monument Stone

Example of a Flush or Bevel Marker