Cremation is An Alternative to Traditional Funeral Services

The choice of cremation as a funeral service has grown in recent years. People choose this for a number of reasons, based on their personal philosophy, environmental awareness, simplicity, and cost. Cremation costs are typically lower than burial costs, and family members often use the cost savings to honor their loved ones with a scholarship or gift to other family members.

Some choose cremation because their extended family is scattered across the nation, and a memorial service following cremation is one way of gathering the family when timing is more convenient than an in-ground burial.

You have many options with cremation, especially where the cremains are kept. Some choose a cemetery plot, others choose a scattering ceremony, while others keep the cremains at home in an urn. A memorial service helps family through the grieving process, providing a tribute to your loved one, as well as a remembrance for younger generations.

Example of a Cremation Memorial Niche

Pre-Planning Cremation Services Makes Your Wishes Known

Losing a loved one is an emotional experience. However, when that person has taken the time to pre-plan the cremation services they desire, the end-of-life experience is easier on family members, knowing that they are honoring the wishes of their loved one.

If you choose to pre-plan your cremation, talk with a Certified Preplanning Consultant, who can help you determine the process, memorial, and final resting place. There are a variety of urns, cremation memorials, garden memorials, plaques, and other items to choose from.

Honor Your Loved One with Cremation Services from Anderson-Marry Funeral Homes, Anderson-Rudd Funeral Home, and Eagle-Marry Funeral Homes

Whatever the reason for selecting cremation services, the staff at Anderson-Marry Funeral Home honors the memory of the deceased along with the healing of the family members. Final resting places for your loved one are a personal choice to be honored and respected.

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