Veteran Funeral Services Honor Loved Ones

Whether you’ve lost a loved one in combat or the service member of your family died during peacetime, honoring your family member with veteran funeral services are respectful, dignified ways of remembering a life and service to our country.

Eligible veterans who opt for burial at any VA National Cemetery are honored by the U.S. Department of Affairs with a free burial space, grave liner, memorial headstone, and U.S. flag, as well as a Presidential Memorial Certificate. Veterans using a local burial location are honored with a complementary marker and U.S. flag.

Anderson-Marry Funeral Home Coordinates Veteran Funeral Benefits

A dignified military funeral is available for every eligible veteran, and the staff of Anderson-Marry Funeral Home in Michigan will help you coordinate the veteran funeral services that your loved one deserves.

Brian Marry will request military funeral honors on behalf of the loved one’s family members, according to Department of Defense protocol. Local veteran organizations may assist with the military honors, or arrangements at a national cemetery location are coordinated on your behalf.

Anderson-Marry  Funeral Home is Recognized for Veteran Funeral Services

Each person on the staff of Anderson-Marry Funeral Home,  Anderson-Rudd Funeral Home, and Eagle-Marry Funeral Home, is proud to have the privilege of serving our military men and women, and we are an exclusive Veterans & Family Memorial Care Provider. The veteran funeral services that honor your loved one are coordinated by our local, family-owned independent funeral home.

Anderson-Marry Funeral Home, Anderson-Rudd Funeral Home, and Eagle-Marry Funeral Home, believes in caring for veterans, as depicted by our Memorial Flag Gardens located at each of our locations. If you’d like to learn more about veteran funeral services for a loved one, you can call us at 517-265-3312 in Adrian, Michigan, 517-424-1848 in Tecumseh, Michigan, 517-448-3481 in Hudson, Michigan, 517-458-2311 in Morenci, Michigan, (517) 486-4400 in Blissfield, Michigan, or 419-237-2564 in Fayette, Ohio.