Funeral Services Offered by Anderson-Marry ~ Anderson-Rudd ~ Eagle-Marry  Funeral Homes

Deciding on funeral services for a loved one can seem overwhelming, especially when you are trying to deal with the grief and sadness of a loss to the family. Be assured that when you let Anderson-Marry Funeral Home take care of your needs, you will get the personal, honest, and compassionate attention you deserve.

From funeral planning, arrangements throughout the final days, and afterward, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your funeral arrangements.

Our staff strives to make sure your experience is peaceful and encouraging. We have one full-time prearrangement counselors on staff, licensed with the state of Michigan, to help prearrange your funeral or memorial service. During the service, our greeters will be present to take care of your needs and those of your guests’.

It’s hard losing a loved one, and we are able to refer families to grief support groups or counselors if they need extra help during a difficult time. Plus, our Family Service Advisor assists families with our After Care Program to help with the coping process and ensure the family’s needs were met during the funeral services.

Types of Funeral Services to Say Farewell

Each level of our farewell funeral services is designed around your family. Since no two families are the same, a loved one’s farewell should also be unique. The Farewell funeral services provide the atmosphere and opportunity for sharing, seeing, coping, reflecting and celebrating the life that your loved one lived. A meaningful experience will foster healing for each generation of the family.

Healing Farewell

The Healing Farewell is one of our most popular funeral services package. This experience provides all basic funeral services, plus gathering time and a steel casket available in four colors.

Healing Farewell Limited

The Healing Farewell Limited provides all the basic funeral services plus limited gathering time, and a casket, available in three colors.

The Simple Farewell

For a less busy, memorial-type of remembrance, the Simple Farewell includes all the basic funeral services plus one evening of memorial gathering, without the body present.

The Natural Farewell

A holistic chance to say goodbye to your loved one is offered through out Natural Farewell funeral services, without the use of caskets or chemicals.

Additional Funeral Services Help with Coping and Remembrance

The video tribute is a special funeral service that many families enjoy, because it helps them through the grieving process while also creating a lasting memory of their loved one. Pictures can tell a life story. Using photos provided by you and your family, we produce a video with music that spans the life of your loved one.

The white dove, with its strong religious meaning, can be a moving part of any service. A natural tendency during funerals is to look down, limiting light to our eyes, and affecting our emotional mood. When a dove is released, people naturally look upwards, toward the sunshine, which also provides gentle light therapy to improve their mood.

Ask us about additional funeral services that can help families cope during the grief process. Funeral supplies such as a gravestone, markers, monuments, or memorial stones help with the remembrance time afterwords.

When you need to plan funeral services for a loved one, you can call us at 517-265-3312 in Adrian, Michigan, 517-424-1848 in Tecumseh, Michigan, 517-448-3481 in Hudson, Michigan, 517-458-2311 in Morenci, Michigan, (517) 486-4400 in Blissfield, Michigan, or 419-237-2564 in Fayette, Ohio.